Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Winter Picnic in New Delhi

The picnic consisted of a total of 175 stalls for four days across 25 states in New Delhi.  Some of the food served consisted of Akanee mutton biryani from Karnataka's Dharwad district, Mysore's Kalini kebab, Dehati murg bhaat, from Jharkhand, Litti-meat from Bihar, Dabeli from Madhya Pradesh, Palappam chicken from Kerala and Poori Buniya from Bihar's Bhojpur.  This is a pleasant change from the normal street foods served in the Area.  We want to know what is your favorite type of Asian food?  Although most ethnic food served in America is not representative to the actual ethnic food let us know what you like most.  If it is here in America or somewhere you actually traveled in Asia.


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