Monday, December 21, 2015

Oberlin College has non-appropriative food?

Students at Oberlin College are upset with their dining hall food.  The college's newspaper, The Oberlin Review, published an article last month saying that some of their dining hall food was racist.  The article focused primarily focused on Asian nations and cultures.

Students were interviewed for the article from Vietnam, China, Malaysia, and other nationalities.  The students were disgusted with Bon Appetit, which is the food service company under contract with the university, and its attempts to please students' taste buds.  The students were unhappy when dishes were prepared incorrectly or poorly.  They stated when you make dishes like this you also represent the country or origins culture with it.  When rice is undercooked and the fish is not fresh it changes the eyes of the culture for those who do not know the culture.

Oberlin is currently working out a solution to this problem.  Oberlin is not alone with this issue of cultural appropriation.  Last month at Ottawa University students said no to a free yoga class intended for disabled students.  The students had a problem with the origins being rooted in Hinduism saying “experienced oppression, cultural genocide and diasporas due to colonialism and western supremacy” are appropriative.

What do you think about the cultural appropriation of today?  Do you think these people are taking it the wrong way?  Do you think they have a right to be upset?  Let us know below.

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