Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Food safety experts perplexed over Chipotle's second outbreak

After the first wave of E. Coli hit Chipotle making a total of 53 people sick another smaller wave so far has made 5 more people sick.  This time it appears to be E. Coli again but a different strain.  It may be linked to the first outbreak but for now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is treating them as separate cases.  Chipotle closed 43 restaurants in October that just reopened in November.  Meanwhile food safety experts are perplexed about this second outbreak.  They are saying Chipotle is doing everything possible to find the source of the outbreak.  It is very unusual to go this long without finding the culprit as it has not even been identified from the first outbreak.  Also mentioned is how this is probably more common than everyone thinks.  Most people do not report being sick from eating at a restaurant and the reason this is so popular is because this is the second outbreak.  The fact that the food safety experts are not aware of the source of the problem is not a very reassuring feeling.  Do you think though that maybe Chipotle is getting too much criticism?  Do you think that maybe this does happen more than most people realize even to this scale?  Tell us what your input is on this situation.

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