Thursday, December 17, 2015

Chipotle's Fresh Food Makes You Sick?

Chipotle is claiming the reason people are getting sick from their restaurant chains is their food is too fresh.  How is this possible?  In short it is not possible.  Chipotle is claiming this because they use fresh food from farms.  The food is prepared using raw ingredients and cooked with traditional methods, with their hands.  Last time I checked my mother grew a garden that produce vegetables. You can't get any more fresh than that.  Not to mention she also cooked using traditional methods with her own two hands.  So Chipotle are you saying my own mother was putting me at risk or that she used magic to keep me safe?  Plain and simple this comes down to good hygiene while preparing food.  I believe my mother mention something about that to me as well.  Maybe this was the magic spell she used to keep me safe.  It went something like this... wash your hands after you use the bathroom and oh before you prepare something to eat!  Chipotle you need to stop making excuses for what is not the problem and focus on what the problem really is.  Your cooks are not using good hygiene.  Fecal coliform is often found on green produce and polluted full on human waste.  If you do not wash your fresh produce properly this will lead to people getting sick.  If you do not wash your hands after using the rest room and right before you start preparing any food people will keep getting sick.  Let's focus on the problem and keep everyone looking for a good meal safe.  What do you think about this last statement from Chipotle?  Let us know in the comment section!

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