Friday, January 29, 2016

Winter Workout Activities

To end this week of winter activities we thought we would give you some more workout oriented activities.  If you are looking for something to do this weekend to get outside and remain active this winter these activities are right for you.  These activities you most likely already know about but maybe you didn't know just how much of a workout they really are. 

Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing can be done in different workout modes.  One thing you have to consider is do you want to take a trail that is flat, uphill, or downhill?  Obviously the more treacherous the path you choose the more calories you will burn.  Next thing you can consider is how brisk of a pace you would like to travel at.  The faster you travel the more calories you will burn.

Average Calories Burned:
170 lb person = 617 calories
190 lb person = 689 calories

Ice Skating

Did you know that ice skating is a great way to burn calories?  Looking at someone ice skating it may not appear to be a great workout but you would be wrong.  Ice skating like skiing requires a lot of work with your legs.  Pushing off with your legs and moving your arms to help propel you along.  Even if you are not a very good skater and don't want to use it as a workout routine it can still be a fun way to spend the day.

Average Calories Burned:
170 lb person = 540 calories
190 lb person = 603 calories

Sledding and tobogganing

When you think about sledding and tobogganing you probably only think about the fun part going down the hill.  You may have did a lot of it when you were a child and maybe not so much as an adult.  Now you are thinking what does riding down a hill have to do with working out?  Well don't forget about the not so fun part of sledding and tobogganing, the climb back to the top.  All of those steps you take to come right back down again is like climbing flights of stairs.  However in this case you get to reward yourself by going back down the hill.

Average Calories Burned:
170 lb person = 540 calories
190 lb person = 603 calories

Stream Fishing

Maybe fishing is not often seen as exactly workout activity.  Maybe more so than lounging around watching TV all day, unless you are taking a nap on a boat.  Fishing in a stream with no boat involved can be a great workout.  Think about walking upstream in your waders and even if you prefer to walk downstream you still have to fight keeping your balance on the possibly slippery rocks and against the current pushing against you.  Even if you just want to walk along the bank there is nothing wrong with that.  You can get a good workout either way.  Maybe even catch yourself some dinner!

Average Calories Burned (waders):
170 lb person = 463 calories
190 lb person = 517 calories

Average Calories Burned (from bank):
170 lb person = 270 calories
190 lb person = 302 calories

It is important to note that all the average calories burned above are for their noted weights.  Other factors such as age, height, and gender can also fluctuate this calculation.  Tell us which of these winter workouts are your favorite!

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