Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Food Waste Smart Meter Allows Resturants to Save on Food Waste?

The Winnow Smart Meter is currently in use in over 200 kitchens.  The smart meter calculates how much food has been wasted daily and gives suggestions on how to reduce the waste which in return saves money.  Those restaurants claim to be seeing a 30-60 percent increase in food profitability.  The old way food waste was record was just using pen and paper.  Now the waste is input through a set of smart scales and a tablet app.  The chefs will get daily updates and suggestions from the app as to how to decrease its food waste.  The food waste issue was first taken on by everyday consumers.  Now industries and the government are getting on board as well.  France has already banned supermarkets from wasting food.  Perhaps something similar could be ahead for the ones here in the U.S.  What do you think about this new way to measure food waste?

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