Friday, January 22, 2016

Big Ideas for Reducing Global Food Waste

Yesterday the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland set forth two initiates.  The first initiative is called Champions 12.3 is run by the likes of Nestle, WWF, Unilever, and the African Union.  Its focus is to reduce global food waste by half by 2030.  The United States alone wastes a staggering 40% of its food.  With almost half of all the nations food from farm to fork being thrown away something needs to be done.  The World Economic Forum focused on this issue on a global scale.  The second initiative is a $130 million project run by the Rockefeller Foundation.  This will focus on post-harvest spoilage of food in sub-Saharan Africa.  On a quieter note these initiatives if successful will reduce green house emission.  World food waste contributes to 7% off all the worlds green gas emissions.  If you cut that in half it could make a big impact.  This clearer is a big issue. We want to know if you think these two initiatives are a good start to battling this issue or do you believe there is nothing to worry about?  Let us know.

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