Monday, August 10, 2015

Movie Monday - Summer Picnic Food and Drink Ideas

We recently watched this short YouTube video about food and drink ideas for a summer picnic that we think you will enjoy.

We liked the fact that she used small fruit that not only goes well with cheese but also is not very sticky and messy.  The fact that she uses a hard and soft cheese is always a good idea when serving for a party or on a picnic.  The fruit and cheese you choose is really a matter of opinion of what your taste buds think.  

We really liked the salads in the jar idea.  The option of a salad is a healthy delicious side dish.  The jars are a compact way to transfer them while keeping them fresh and sealed up.

We loved the actual recipe for the sandwich and they way she wrapped it to give it an aesthetically pleasing look.  However, if you are serving for several people you may not have the option for as big of a sandwich.  You do have the option of cutting a couple sandwiches in half on in sections if this is the case.

We think she really missed a big beverage in this video as she did not mention wine at all.  This would probably be at the top of list of picnic drinks especially for the romantic on a date picnic setting.  There is nothing wrong with the drinks she mentioned however. 

Bottom line we felt this way overall a good video to look at.  It was short and it did have some good ideas.  Tell us what you think below.

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