Monday, August 24, 2015

Movie Monday - Personalized Low Cost Epic Picnic!

We found what we think to be a great picnic video for anyone who loves to go on picnics.  All of the ideas from the blanket design, silverware holders, food, and drinks were all self-made and on a low cost budget.  Make sure you watch this YouTube video and then see what we had to say about it.

We felt this video was very well done.  The blanket and the place mat / utensil holder were so simple yet creative.  You can really chose any simple design you want from the blanket.  Some picnic basket sets already have silverware in them and have a latch to keep them secure.  However, if you are in a low cost budget this dual use place mat and utensil holder idea is great.

The bug spray idea is great.  No unnatural preservatives.  Not to mention it's cheap, effective, and smells good!

The food and drinks look delicious and ascetically pleasing.  It seems you can really customize most of the items to whatever you prefer to have.

Always bring some fun games with to enjoy to beautiful day outside.  There are many options to choose from while on a picnic.

What did you think of this video?  Do you agree with our assessment?  What are some picnic ideas you like to use?

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