Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Anything Picnic Tuesday - Low Cost Picnic Food Ideas

Do you find yourself panicked over what food to bring and how much?  Do you find yourself buying way too much or don't feel like you have a good variety?  We recently read an article that discussed 4 different picnic occasions dealing with these questions.  After reading this article come back to see what we thought of it and feel free to leave comments below.

What we thought ...

The idea of not having cheese and wine on a picnic date is something we would not dismiss so easily.  Not to say it was dismissed in the article as to not do it but we would really like to see at least one cheese and wine idea.  This is not to say we don't like the idea for the date which is certainly thinking out of the box.

We love the homemade pizza idea and agree 100% they would be much healthier and fun.

We love the fact they gave us a not only healthy but also delicious option for a healthy picnic.  If you need the ranch dressing though instead of the hummus we are not going to blame you.

Cutting your serving sizes down to serve as finger food is certainly a good idea at a picnic.  There is nothing wrong with Oreo cookies however, you could also look at making your own cookies to bring with and some milk to dunk them into.

What did you think?...

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